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Ashtanga Yoga Summer Retreat Period 2022

From:  Saturday 18.06.2022
To:  Monday 29.08.2022

Summer Ashtanga Yoga Retreat with Stefan Engström, Isabella Nitschke, Tashi Dawa and Heidi Ruokoniemi. All Authorized level II by KPJAYI .
You can join our  retreat on the following dates below and stay for a weekend, a week, two weeks, or as long as you like.
Possible arrival days are:  
Saturday 18th, Thursday 23rd and Sunday 26th.
Sunday 3rd, Sunday 10th, Friday 15th, Sunday 17th, Sunday 24th and Sunday 31st.
Friday 5th, Sunday 7h,  Sunday 14th,  Sunday 21st and Friday 26th.   

There are two hours of yoga asanas in the mornings and one hour of pranayama in the afternoons. Besides this standard Ashtanga programme we will focus on a specific subject every week or weekend!  (Approx an other two more hours per day). No additional fee for these talks and extra programme if not specially mentioned. 

Programme & Dates
Week 25
(Saturday 18th of June till Thursday 23rd of June). Ashtanga yoga asanas &  Yoga Sutra, Chanting and Meditation. (Pranayama self practise).
Teacher Heidi Ruokoniemi.
Weekend Midsummer
(Thursday 23rd till Sunday 26th of June). Ashtanga yoga asanas & Pranayama.
Teacher Stefan Engström.
Week 26 (Sunday 26th of June till Friday 1st of July). Ashtanga yoga asanas, Pranayama and Yoga of Presence & Wholeness. 
Teacher Stefan Engström.
Week 27 (Sunday 3rd till Friday 8th of July).  Ashtanga yoga asanas & Pranayama and Function & Form.
Teacher Stefan Engström.
Week 28 (Sunday 10th till Friday 15th of July). Ashtanga yoga asanas and Pranayama & Relaxation techniques, yoga philosophy and chanting.
Teacher Isabella Nitschke.
Weekend mid July (Friday 15th till Sunday 17th of July). Ashtanga yoga asanas, Pranayama and introduction to Yoga of Presence & Wholeness.
Teacher Stefan Engström.
Week 29 (Sunday 17th till Friday 22nd of July). Ashtanga yoga asanas, Pranayama and Questions & Answers.
Teacher Stefan Engström.
Week 30 (Sunday 24th till Friday 29th of July). Ashtanga yoga asanas, Pranayama and  Psychosynthesis.
Teacher Stefan Engström.
Week 31 (Sunday 31st of July till Friday 5th of August).  Ashtanga yoga asanas &  Pranayama and Technical classes.
Teacher Tashi Dawa.

Weekend early August (Friday 5th of till Sunday 7th of August). Ashtanga yoga asanas & Pranayama and introduction to Yoga of Presence & Wholeness.
Teacher Stefan Engström.

Week 32 (Sunday 7th till Friday 12th of August).  Ashtanga yoga asanas, Pranayama and "Mindfullness" with Johanna Pohjola. 
Teacher Stefan Engström.

Week 33 (Sunday 14th till Friday 19th of August).  Ashtanga yoga asanas, Pranayama and Yoga of Presence & Wholeness. .
Teacher Stefan Engström.
Week 34 (Sunday 21st till Friday 26th of August). Ashtanga yoga asanas &  Yoga Sutra, Chanting and Meditation. (Pranayama self practise).
Teacher Heidi Rukoniemi.
Long Weekend late August (Friday 26th till Sunday 28th or Monday 29th of August). Ashtanga yoga asanas, Pranayama and Yin Yoga.
Teacher Stefan Engström.

You can combine a retreat week or weeks with one of the weekend workshops mentioned above.
(For more information regarding the summer weekends please see each weekend event separatly in Events & Fees).

is the owner and resident teacher of the Kadermo Conscious Living yoga retreat. He has been practicing Yoga asanas since 1990 and holds an Authorized level II by KPJAYI. He has been teaching Ashtanga Yoga since 1994. Read more about Stefan under home and teachers.

Isabella is the owner and manager of Ashtanga Yoga Malmö based in southern Sweden where she runs a daily Mysore programme. She found yoga more than 18 years ago following a running injury and the practice has since helped her heal on many levels. Isabella has Sharath Jois’ blessing to teach the primary and intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga and has assisted him twice at the main shala in Mysore. She returns to India regularly to practice, study and to further develop her chanting skills and studies of yoga philosophy and Sanskrit.       Isabella is also a qualified yoga therapist for mental health, a lifestyle coach and relaxation therapist. She has devoted much of the past ten years to study and explore the effects of yoga on our nervous system and our mental health - in particular how the practice can help increase our resilience to stress and ability to self-regulate. Her teaching style is inclusive and aims to create a safe space for all students. She follows a gentle approach with particular focus on breath to cultivate sensitivity and awareness of the body and mind. Isabella has over 20 years of experience from working in health and fitness worldwide and has studied both anatomy and movement mechanics extensively. Read more about Isabella at

Heidi has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 2004 and teaching since 2009. She is a student of Sri Sharath Jois and was authorized by him in 2012 to teach both the Primary and Intermediate series.Heidi moved to India in 2013 and lived in both Mysore and Goa for seven years as part of an Indian family. She continued her yoga studies during this time and ran Ashtanga Yoga Goa between 2015 to 2018. In 2018 she began teaching at Sharath Jois institute in Mysore until moving back to Finland in November 2020. 
She is currently living in Lappeenranta, Finland and continues to teach there. You can read more about Heidi on her website: <>

Tashi is coming from Australia. However she is also well know in Europe as she comes every year to teach for several months since many years.
More about Tashi at

Normal Weekend (2 days, Friday to Sunday) 300 Euro.
Long weekend (3 days, Friday to Monday) 380 Euro.
(For summer weekend fees please also see the weekend programme details for each event.)
One week (5 days from Sunday to Friday) is 570 Euro.
Two weeks (12 days) 980 Euro,
Three weeks (19 days) 1400 Euro.
Four weeks (26 days) 1750 Euro.
In case you would like to stay longer than 4 weeks please contact us about the price.

There is also a possibility to pay by work-exchange. In case this would interest you then please contact us asp, as this is possible only for 3 people/season.

If you have been to our retreat before and bring a new student, both you and the new student will get a discount of 40 Euro. This needs to be mentioned at booking.

All levels are welcome. Also complete beginners!!

Travel instructions for the summer retreat weeks
( For weekend workshops read the information for each workshop at Agenda & Fees)
Arrival on a Sunday at 5.30 p.m. at Hanko railway station and departure is on a Friday at 2.30 p.m.
(As an exception from this is Heidi's workshop during week 25. Arrival is then on a Saturday the18th of June at 5.30 p.m. and departure is on Friday the 23rd at 2.30 p.m.)
There is a train connection from Helsinki to Hanko approx. at 3.30 p.m. The train journey to Hanko takes approx. 2 hours. 
A Taxi van will pick you up at Hanko Main Railway Station at 5.30 p.m.  
In case you are coming by car then the address is Sandöströmmen 93A, 10900 Hanko. You can park your car safely at our harbour for the duration of your stay.

What to bring
Please bring sheets. If you don't have a yoga mat you can use one of the yoga mats provided. Warm clothes and a flash light.
Bring two towels. Soap for washing your clothes. Water bottle as it is recommended to drink a lot of water during your stay.

The best way to make a reservation is by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +358 (0)40 5029811.

Daily programme and Payment
Contacte us by e-mail  and we will send you more detailed information regarding programme and payment.

Terms and conditions

Make sure you have a valid travel insurance as insurance is not included in the price.
If you miss the arranged pick-up or departure be prepared to pay extra for a taxi and a water taxi.
Cancellation fees will be incurred as follows
100% loss of payment if the student decides to not complete the workshop.


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