Kadermo Ashtanga Yoga Retreat

Welcome to our beautiful island Kadermo where you can spend your holiday and renew yourself. 

Here people come together from all over the world to practice yoga and conscious self development. During your spare time you can enjoy the beautiful surrounding nature. You can try swimming in the sea, go canoeing or relax in the sauna.

In the summer season from June to August you can come to stay for a week, two weeks or as long as you like up to several months. You could also join us just for a weekend workshop. However, if possible, we recommend that you stay 2-3 weeks or longer in order for you to benefit the most from your experience. Of course, the longer you stay the more economical it is for you.

During the rest of the year we arrange monthly weekend workshops. Also, longer retreats (5 days or longer) are held during Easter holidays, Christmas and other long holidays. Additionally, outside the summer period, there is teaching in Helsinki. Please contact me if you are interested.

All levels are welcome. Also complete beginners!

Our next upcoming events are:

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Ashtanga Yoga Retreat


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