The Place

Kadermo Island offers a unique opportunity to experience yoga in a peaceful, untouched and idyllic surrounding. There are no shops or cars and hardly any other people on the island. During summertime the days are long and the sun barely sets. The retreat is set in a protected oak forest area of the island where some of the oak trees are 300-500 years old.

The retreat is Stefan Engström's home for most of the year. The students are mainly lodged in a two-storey summer house on a rock overlooking the sea. It is built in an old fashioned traditional villa style that was common in the twenties. The summer house has double bedrooms for guests.

The yoga building houses two yoga halls; one for the yoga asana practice and one for silent practices and talks. The yoga building also has a library with yoga books for you to enjoy, where you are also able to do your own work, for those who may work remotely. There is a free Wi-Fi connection in the library. The fire wood heated sauna can be used every other day.

For the retreats we normally take only a small group of students in order to create a nice close-knit group and a family atmosphere. For more than 25 years, we have seen many lifelong friendships form in our retreats. The Facebook page helps people stay connected.

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